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    Copeland is the world’s leading provider of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration
    solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications, supporting the industry with
    advanced technology, technical support and training services.
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    Copeland Compressors
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    Discus Compressors
    Copeland™ Discus platform reciprocating compressor, sets the industry benchmark for
    ruggedness and efficiency across the globe.

CoreSense Diagnostics

Emerson CoreSense Diagnostics is an innovative technology for Copeland Stream refrigeration compressors. It goes beyond compressor protection by assisting in system diagnosis and optimization.

The S-Series

The performance of such compressors meets basic market requirements but cannot compete with Discus compressors in terms of efficiency. The S-Series ranges from 1.5 to 70 hp and is composed of K and L presented in this catalogue.

The Discus Range

It is broadly recognized as the most efficient compressor whatever the running condition. This range is mainly used in medium and low temperature refrigeration applications where system efficiency is a priority for the end-user.

Our Products

We offers different ranges of semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors with distinct levels of performance and technical characteristics depending on the application requirements

Copeland Discuss Compressors Suppliers in Dubai, UAE

Why Choose Us

We have deep knowledge of the needs of industry and the demands placed on productivity, making us leaders in the field.

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Highest efficiency

Highest level of efficiency available on the market, whatever the refrigerant and operating condition

Large operating envelope

Large operating envelope that allows medium and low temperature applications to be covered by one single model with condensing limit as low as 5°C


Multi-refrigerant compressor range – one model to cover all standard refrigerants

Smooth operation

Option to use 2 and 3 cylinder models with additional Demand Cooling function in order to achieve extended low temperature operating envelope without any superheat restriction

We are the leading importers and suppliers of Copeland compressors in Dubai

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